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Build Your Own Eleanor
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Build Your Own Eleanor

How would you like to build your own exciting Eleanor?

Learn how with this manual. There is not a more complete manual on the planet. It includes over 1300 pictures (for reference & rebuild) and a 229 page manual in Microsoft Word & *Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Also included are many instruction manuals and an Excel spreadsheet. 

The Excel spreadsheet has over 300 parts, over 200 part numbers with link to websites, the pricing and locations on where to purchase most of the parts. You can modify the spreadsheet to accommodate your build and budget. An excellent place to start your build!

The manual includes many pictures and procedures that I never included on any web page. Many hours of documenting & research to provide the correct parts. What works, what doesn't. It will save you many times over what it cost.

* Adobe Acrobat is free and downloadable here.

Click the picture to see a part of the spreadsheet!!


Eleanor Cost
Spreadsheet ONLY!
$9.95 & no shipping, Immediate Download
Probably the most important document before taking on building an Eleanor!

Download All The Files, Pictures & Manual, Including the Pricing File
$39 Contains 4 Zip Files available for immediate download NOW!

This file is in excel format that is modifiable.
Includes hundreds of links to many parts suppliers and a total of what you can expect to spend on your Eleanor.
This is for the Excel spreadsheet ONLY! No pictures!

There are 4 files. Files can be downloaded one at a time on different days, or all in one day. You will need to unzip them, and a link is provided to get this utility if you need it.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Build your Own Eleanor Doc: – 229 pages of instructions with pictures in Microsoft Word format & Adobe PDF format.
  2. Eleanor Cost Excel spreadsheet (that you can change to match your budget/build).
  3. Subdirectories Listed below
  • Build reference pictures: from a completed Eleanor, 180 pictures divided in to seven subdirectories: Chassis, Drivetrain, Engine Bay, Exterior, Firewall, Interior & Trunk.
  • Extra Installation Instructions: items for every subsystem – Front Brake Assembly, Rear Brake Assembly, Brake Line Diagram, Frame Spec Sheet, Radiator Diagrams, Front Coilover, Rear Coilover, Shelby Drop, How To Get A Shelby Signature, JBA Exhaust System , Side Rocker Exhaust Cutouts, How To Building A Rotisserie, Gas Cap Template, TCP motor mounts, TCP Rack & Pinion, Intermediate Shaft, Painless Wiring Installation pdf, Bellhousing Alignment Procedures, 14 original Mustang wiring diagrams, Fast EFI installation manual, the Dynacorn manual, the National Parts Depot manual, many pictures.
    Rebuild Pictures: 1120 pictures divided in to 19 subdirectories: A/C, Body Work, Electrical, Engine, Engine Bay, Exhaust Hole, Exterior, Fiberglass, Firewall, Frame Rails, Front End, Interior, Media Blasting, Mini Tub, Rear End, Shock Tower, Tear Down, Trunk & Underside.
  • Other Pictures: the Teutel’s  Eleanors & OCC Shelby Chopper, etc.

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