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Front Coilover Suspension
The handling characteristics of classic automobiles when compared to contemporary vehicles, is a major shortcoming for enthusiasts.  The 1960's technology featured on vintage Mustangs is adequate for traveling on a straight highway, but simply does not meet today's standards for cornering and stability.
The original factory suspension’s stamped steel design with rubber bushings can create unwanted and unsafe deflection.  This deflection creates inconsistent suspension travel while under cornering or braking.  The result is an overly "soft" suspension system with often unpredictable handling characteristics.
Tilt Steering
This tilt column is designed for use with floor shifter. The column features a 2" tube diameter and comes complete with a stainless steel dress up kit (Tilt/turn signal levers and hazard knob), GM wiring (4 1/4in. connector) and an all new canceling cam. Shaft size is 1 i. DD. This isn't a rebuilt junkyard column, but rather an all new Flaming River engineered column featuring all new components. Made in the USA.
Shock Tower Bracing
During cornering and braking your car's chassis has a tendency to flex a great deal, allowing unwanted changes in its overall handling performance. The Shock Tower Braces are designed to help eliminate unwanted flex. A stiffer chassis provides sure and predictable handling during the most demanding of situations.
The tower brace kit incorporates lightweight aluminum rods, spherical rod ends and stainless steel hardware to create a top of the line bracing system. Additional areas of triangulation are created to give maximum bracing. Sections of the kit can also be easily removed to gain access to the engine compartment for repairs and service.
Rollbar With Cross Brace
A 4 point roll bars with cross brace extension are perfect for high-performance street and track use. The cross brace extension also provides an excellent mounting point for a G-Force racing harnesses. Welding is required to complete the installation of the cross brace extension.
Rear Coilover Suspension
This Rear Coilover system is the most technologically advanced rear suspensions available for 1964 1/2 - 70 Ford Mustangs. Elements from various racing series have been put in this package which fits neatly into an existing chassis with only minor modifications. The entire rearend system can be removed from the vehicle easily.
Bump Steer Kit
This Fully adjustable bump steer kit replaces non-adjustable stock components with precision hardened chromemoly components that simply bolt into place with common hand tools. The kit is especially useful when ride height has been modified and can even be used for easy, on-car toe adjustments.
Power Rack & Pinion Steering
The Rack & Pinion kit eliminates the "play" in the steering system. It uses a more direct gearing system than the factory steering box which enables a more efficient transfer of energy. As you turn the steering wheel the steering shaft turns the pinion gear. The pinion gear is in direct contact with the rack gear. The centerlink, which the inner tie-rods bolt to, is bolted directly into the rack gear. This simplified gearing system gives the steering a tight, direct feel which the factory steering box cannot.
Subframe Connector
During acceleration and cornering the car's chassis has a tendency to flex or twist because of the unibody design. The Subframe connectors strengthen the body and reduce flexing. By welding the connectors to the front and rear subframes, they will strengthen the weak portion of the chassis. The tubular construction of the subframe connectors resist twisting much better than the flat portion of the under carriage.
With the inclusion of the center section welded, the chassis will have maximum rigidity without going to the extreme of a full roll cage, essentially making the front and rear subframes one piece. A bolt-in center brace gives strength and rigidity while still allowing access to the exhaust, driveline and transmission. 

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